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Thierry Mulhaupt
Master Patissier et Chocolatier

Strasbourg, Region Grand Est - France


For Thierry Mulhaupt, making sweet delicacies is an art. The multiple award-winning master of his craft, who also attended courses at the École des Beaux-Arts, is highly praised by the press and pursues the confectioner's craft and chocolate making to perfection.

Thierry Mulhaupt's sweet creations are a testament to his love of experimentation and creativity. Always full of new ideas, he refines classic pastries with a strict palate and sure instinct and tries out new flavor compositions of his own.

A full-blooded artist, he also plays with colors, both on canvas and in his desserts. He owes discipline and precision to his training in Paris. His high standards for himself now benefit all gourmets.

Thierry Mulhaupt was apprenticed to the most important pastry chefs in Paris and attended evening classes at the École des Beaux-Arts at the same time. He always regards his creations as works of art, in which ingredients and decorations are skillfully coordinated with great attention to detail. He has lived in Strasbourg's old town with his wife Corinne since 1991. In March 1999, he opened a new confectionery and chocolate boutique - Épice et Chocolat - specializing exclusively in honey cake and


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Noisette Chocolat


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