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Goldene Rose | Coffee Beans

Goldene Rose | Coffee Beans

Goldene Rose | Coffee Capsules - an Original I Exclusive I Brand

Roasted by Roberto Veronesi,  in Bagnolo in Piano - Reggio Emilia Italy.

Hand packed & Quality checked byHyra, in Nuremberg - Bavaria Germany.

  • Casa | Home Style Roast - 100% Arabica Organic Blend
    This blend focuses on the taste rather than the body and mouthiness of the coffee - Wide Range of Organic Flavours.

    Classic | Italian Roast - 70% Arabica - 30% Robusta Organic Blend

    Dark Nutty Roast balances a Sweet Fruity Body & a Light Brown Crema - Forgives Preparation Flaws with Ease.


    Decaf | 0,2% Caffein Roast - 25% Arabica - 75% Robusta Blend
    Rest assured enjoy your nightly Coffee conversations and sleep tight - A Promise Between Conesseurs.

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