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Pre Sale BuyOne GetOne Strong Focus

Pre Sale BuyOne GetOne Strong Focus

As an Athlete I believe that, good levels of Energy and Focus are mandatory for any success. Start your Day right and enjoy a Cup of my Original Italian Coffee Blend.

  • 250g | 8.82 Ounces of Original Italian Coffee Beans
    Slow Roasted for 12-18 Minutes for Low Acidity
    By a Family Owned and Operated Roastery in
    Bagnolo in Piano, Reggio Emilia, North Italy

    Packaged and Labeled by Hand
    Coffee Bags Biodegradeable with Aroma Valve
    For Degassing and long lasting Fresh Taste


    To Celebrate the First Edition of my new Product-Line:
     Buy One Get One Free of each Product during the Pre-Sale
     Receive a Sample Box with each Product to your Order

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